How to Win the Planet

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    Okay. There are 3 methods each with very SPECIFIC steps you need to take in order to win the season aight?

    METHOD 1 (If you’re under 18)
    Step 1: Go find your mom’s or dad’s credit card.
    Step 2: Go to the buycraft
    Step 3: Buy Rank 5 and Rank 5+ as well as 10 alts and buy Rank 5 and Rank5+ on each of those alts as well.
    Step 4: Buy a CC on each account and do that for each CC that releases (write down card number)
    Step 5: Buy a lootbox bundle on each account for every time they are released.
    Step 6: Make a gang and invite the whole server.
    Step 7: Do /rkit every 5 days.
    Step 8: Share accounts with people in each continent.
    Step 9: Get 104

    METHOD 2 (if you’re 18+ or old enough in your state/country to get a job)
    Step 1: Get a job
    Step 2: Make bank
    Step 3: Spend all money on CosmicPrisons
    Step 4: Make a gang and make god sets
    Step 5: Give each of your members a salary to stay.
    Step 6: Get 104 and win the map.

    METHOD 3 (Works at any age)
    Step 1: Join a gtop gang.
    Step 2: Help with KOTH’s, pits, raids, and alien invasions.
    Step 3: If you get a high tier rank/item from any of the stuff above + more, beg to keep it
    Step 4: Save money to buy permanent items that carry over seasons (ranks and GKits)
    Step 5: Repeat steps for other seasons.
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    i can confidently say that this is true
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