Double XP Event, $100 & $250 Giftcard Holiday Special + 50% Off Sale!

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    Greetings Prisoners!

    Happy Holidays! It has been an amazing year here on Cosmic Prisons but we are not done just yet!

    In celebration of this festive time of the year, we are enabling 2x XP Server Wide for the next 48 hours! Not only that but we have just a few more things left in store for you!

    In celebration of the Holidays, we are throwing a festive Sale on the Server Store!
    • 50% Off Everything
    • 20% Off Giftcards
    Available now until the end of tomorrow, we will be offering both the $100 & $250 Giftcard on the Server Store with some very special bundles! To top things off we will also be throwing a 20% Off Sale on Giftcards as well which means you will get yourselves $250 worth of Store Credit for $200 when purchasing the $250 Giftcard bundle!
    Giftcards are received by email and operate just like any other giftcard. Simply enter the code you receive in the "Redeem coupons/gift cards" space on the Checkout screen of the Server Store and click "Redeem".
    The amount owing will be automatically adjusted! Giftcards are capable of maintaining a balance, so if your purchase is less than the amount you have available on your giftcard you'll be able to come back and use the remainder at a later date!

    IMPORTANT: Your GiftCard will be emailed to the email affiliated to your PayPal transaction. The email you list there is where your gift card will show up. Make sure that your email when checking out is accurate!


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    tbh the double xp shouldve been after christmas because a lot of cosmic players spend time with their family on christmas and christmas eve so they cant take advantage of the full 48 hours only like 24 of it
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