Cosmic World Wars: Sovereign vs Timeless - End Time

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    Greetings Prisoners

    This is just a quick post to let you all know that war between Sovereign & Timeless will officially come to a close on Thursday 7th November @ 5 PM CST at which point the Cosmic General will close for business and the winner will be announced!

    In case you missed it below is the post with all the details on the war and reset!


    It's the moment you have all been waiting for, World Wars!

    Monday thru Thursday
    , Players on Sovereign & Timeless will fight to keep their planet alive. The losing planets will be absorbed by the winning planet! Only one can prevail!

    So how do you support your planet?
    Players will work to gain shards through mining ores, completing /quests & purchasing them via the Cosmic General at spawn (10,000,000 per Aether Shard). Aether Shards are deposited into your planets fund through the Cosmic General NPC at spawn. The planet with the most shards at the end wins!


    Thursday afternoon Prisoners can look forward to the winning announcement

    Want to see how your planet is doing in the /war efforts? Type /war and watch for regular updates in the chat!
    What if players have ranks/gkits on more than one planet?
    Fear not!

    Those with ranks on either Sovereign or Timeless will keep their rank on the winning planet. If players have a rank on multiple planets, they can look forward to receiving a rank note on the winning planet for the lesser of the two ranks (their highest rank will be carried to the winning planet).

    /gkit and /qkits
    Players will have access to all gkits/qkits they currently hold. If you have Vulkarion on one and Slaughter on the other, you will have both on the winning planet. Gkit beacons will be provided if you have the same gkit on multiple.

    Showcases will be transferred to the winning planet (Even if you have a full showcase on both planets)

    PV, Home & Showcase Expansions
    These will all be transferred to the winning planet also. (Note: Expansions will not go over the allowed limit, this means if you have the maximum amount of PV's on both planets you will not have any more than that on the winning planet)

    Reputation Points
    Will be allocated tomorrow Tuesday 5th November @ 6 PM CST on both planets and your reputation points will be carried over to the winning planet!

    Attribute Tokens
    Any attribute tokens gained from Prestiges will be carried over to the winning planet! If you have Prestiges on both planets however you will only gain Attribute tokens based off the planet with your highest prestige! In other words, if you have Prestige 3 on Sovereign and Prestige 2 on Timeless you would only gain the 3 Attribute tokens owed from your Prestige 3 on Sovereign!

    Wait so this is an event AND reset?
    Yup! You got it right! This is a competition between Sovereign & Timeless. The planet with the most shards at the end of the week will be the remaining planet and will reset! Both planets will enjoy Carnage while the battle continues on! The same rules will apply with this reset as with any.

    Truce Limitations
    As with Xeon Planet the winning planet of this war will also be receiving the new Truce Limitations on reset! The details of which are as follows!

    By default, you will now only have 1 truce slot in a gang, with the ability to upgrade to 2 by purchasing the gang upgrade.

    There is also now a player rotation cooldown of 24 hours (Which will be implemented on all planets with today's reboot), meaning once you leave a gang you will have a 24-hour cooldown before being able to join another gang. Additionally, once you leave a gang to join another you will be able to rejoin the previous gang within that 24 hours cooldown.

    Now we couldn’t just say goodbye without giving it a proper Prisons send off! To do this we have a bunch of awesome stuff lined up for you guys over the next few days starting Tuesday!​

    Admin Events
    Reset Kits
    Video montage competition
    and who knows what else the Owners and Admins will come up with ;)

    Admin Events
    Admin Events will happen throughout the week, from parkours to cat n mouse to meteors and whatever else we may come up with!​

    Reset Kits
    Reset kits are there to spice things up in the final few days of the map! Available to all players every 5 minutes you will be able to get yourself a set of OP gear (tiered to your level so that you are capable of wearing it of course) getting more OP every single day leading up to the reset! You will be able to access this gear through /resetkit starting from Tuesday!​

    Video Montage Competition
    We all have some great memories from this map and we figured what better way to show this than through some great montages! Starting now and ending at first boot of the new planet you have the opportunity to compete to win yourself a custom title of your choosing to keep forever yes that includes resets, keep in mind the title will be required to follow the rules of the server!​

    You can submit your montage on the threads found pinned under general on the forums.​

    Note the video must be 10 minutes or less and follow the rules of the server!​

    Once the submission time has ended a new post will be posted and pinned under general where all the submission will be found and you will have 72 hours to vote on your favourite montage!​

    Reset Details

    The winning planet will reset this Friday 8th November!
    What will be kept after reset:
    Ranks (Yes even those won from crates & CC’s)
    /home, /showcase & /pv Expansions
    Reputation Points
    Prestiges will be converted into attribute points
    What will not be kept after reset:
    Cash balance
    Inventory & Private Vaults
    /gkit levels
    /qkit levels
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    Goodbye Timeless, I'll miss you
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