Gkit and Pet Ideas

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    Let's start with the Gkit Pet!
    The Pet Gkit would be similar to gkits that give you a random chance to get a pet. What items would e in the Gkit? I'm not sure. but it should be a very low chance to get a Pet, something like a 10% maybe less to get a pet.

    Now the Pet Gkit
    The pet Gkit would give you Armour, Sword or even a Pick from the kit. Depending on the level decides how many items you get. The items will be spread out though all the current gkits so you will never know what you will get. for the first level you'll get piece of Gkit Gear. level 2 will get 2 and so on. Capping out at 5.

    Let's now go to with what happened recently in this update. Prestige Picks
    What about a Gkit that gives you Either a Low Prestige pick. ranging from 1-5 depending on the level. Not to make it super over powered (Now that the Prestige % are random)
    The other part could be a chance to get Prestige tokens. Getting a Token would be a low chance to get tho. Similar to how Executioner gives you a Monster Hunter book ranging from 1-10.

    So what do you guys think? Let me know down bellow!