Lootbox: Summer Exodus, Haste, XP Pet & 35% Off Sale!

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    Greetings Prisoners!

    Summer is nearly over and school is now in full swing but we can't leave you guys without an update! Here's what you have to look forward to in this weeks update live on your planets now!
    • Lootbox: Summer Exodus
    • Haste & XP Pet
    • Prismarine Satchel
    • /g vault addition
    • Bug and QOL Changes
    Lootbox: Summer Exodus

    The Summer Exodus Lootbox will be available on all 4 planets and comes with 4 random loot items along with 1 bonus item. Be sure to pick up this lootbox this weekend for the best chance to get your hands on some high tier loot!
    • The # of items you will receive from the list of "Random Loot" is displayed in (X items) next to the category, where X=the number of rolls you will get from that loot table! (Every roll is unique, so you can receive multiple of the same item!)
    • The list of "Jackpot Loot" is also included in the Random loot section and just indicates what the very rare items to get in the Lootbox are!
    • As a bonus, you will always receive all items listed under the "Bonus Loot" section whenever you open a Lootbox.
    Lootboxes are available on the Store and limited to 1 bundle and 1 single unlock, per IGN, per week, this is across the whole network!

    Haste & XP Pet

    Haste Pet

    Right-Click with the pet in your hand to gain a temporary mining speed boost!
    Once this pet gains enough XP it will level up! Each Level Up increases your mining speed and duration!

    Level 1 (Base Level) : 25% Boost for 15 Seconds
    Level 2 (Requires 5,760xp) : 32% Boost for 30 Seconds
    Level 3 (Requires: 11,520xp) : 40% Boost for 45 Seconds
    Level 4 (Requires: 23,040xp) : 50% Boost for 60 Seconds

    XP Pet

    Right-Click with the pet in your hand to gain a temporary XP Boost!
    Once this pet gains enough XP it will level up! Each Level Up increases your XP Boost and its duration!

    Level 1 (Base Level) : 2x XP for 10 minutes
    Level 2 (Requires 800xp) : 2.2x XP for 15 minutes
    Level 3 (Requires: 1,200xp) : 2.4x XP for 20 minutes
    Level 4 (Requires: 1,600xp) : 2.6x XP for 20 minutes
    Level 5 (Requires: 2,400xp) : 2.6x XP for 25 minutes
    Level 6 (Requires: 3,200xp) : 2.8x XP for 30 minutes

    Prismarine Satchel

    Prismarine now has a regular ore and refined satchel, that will allow you to travel into the recently new Executive Mine and mine away without having to worry about selling or losing out on those juicy profits by /sell handing! Currently, Prismarine satchels are only available via the Godly Ore Satchel!
    The Godly Ore Satchel is currently the ONLY way to be within a chance to acquire the Prismarine Ore Satchel!

    /g vault addition

    We have heard your cries and pleas! You are now able to store Inventory pets in your gang vault! What a great way to share your hard-earned pets with your gang to really get the most out of them!

    Bug and QOL Changes
    • Super Generator pets now have a lower radius but an increased amount of ores genned on crude ore
    • Players can only be affected by the shockwave pet once every 10 seconds
    • /g upgrade prices have been rebalanced to better reflect the planets economy
    In celebration of Lootbox: Summer Exodus we are having a 35% Off Sale on the Server Store all weekend long!
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