Some in detail suggestions I have heard from friends.

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  1. Vuxt

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    Nov 16, 2016
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    I have been hearing a lot of a suggestions from Friends and gang members and I thought I should share them.

    Duels: Duels is something that I think should be added to the server. It's in Cosmic pvp and it is a really fun system to use. The ability to 1v1 people to the death without risk of getting ganked or losing your set is a lot of fun. It can also be used as a way of wagers and set testing. I don't know why it hasn't been added to the server yet.

    System reboot timer: Something on the Scoreboard or Cosmic client to show a timer for once System reboot procs it will be able to show the remaining time on the cool down. It's a lot of guess work and it's quite scary if you are in a fight. It would be nice to be able to see the timer rather than guessing.

    Better cell perms: The current gang perms list is nice. It has features that disable certain peoples ability's to mine or open doors ect. But making a more refined system so people can't mine gens, mine forges, mine crude, place gens, place crude, place forge gens. Those 6 are the ones I think should be added to the server. It would mainly help in gang cells and it would help reduce the amount of insiding reports.

    Better gen stacking: The ability to place more than 1 gen onto a gen should be a thing. It should be an option on /options or some other system to implement this. If you are making a coal god or if you are placing multiple gens at once. It would save some time and it would be a nice feature just to have for convenience.

    A report feature. So many servers have a /report and it is a very good feature to keep the server clean. Not everyone is able to record using OBS or other recording software. The feature could also be used for reporting spam or other things. The /report feature should send a message into staff chat and a Moderator or Helper should be able to fix the offence. This should also be better to reduce spam in public chats.

    AFK Staff: Some staff go afk on the server or in the lobby. It is frustrating due to needing assistance with something and you are practically talking to a brick wall that won't respond.

    Clue scroll fragments: There are a lot of difficult Clues on some of the clue scrolls. You should be able to tinker clue scrolls. The clue scrolls that you tinker should give you Clue Shards (A different name would be better due to a lot of items containing "Shards" in the name) . The shards should be tier based so; Simple Clue Shards, Uncommon Clue Shards ect. You should be able to combine the Clue scroll shards into a fresh scroll. It should be 4 clue scroll shards to make a fresh scroll.

    Automatically disable /fly when leaving the cell: This is something I think everyone wants changed. It is frustrating to need to do /fly to go to spawn, warp or anywhere that is outside the cell. It should just disable /fly when you type in the commands to tp out of the cell.

    Prismarine satchels: With Executive mine being released the server added 2 new ores to mine and that is Prismarine blocks and Prismarine. There should be satchels to store your Prismarine so you can sell it at an ore exchanger for the max profit instead of /sell. It would alse help Trainees that were able to get to the mine due to them not having /sell.

    Guard Bribes: This one is something I thought of that could be interesting or could be absolutely horrible so bare with me. The idea I thought of was the ability to pay guards to not give you villain for a small period of time. The amount of time should be no more than 10 seconds and there should be a cool down of 24 hours to be able to use the Guard bribe. There should be a timer that shows up on the middle of the screen with a countdown showing how many seconds you have left of the bribe. The feature should only work on Guards and not Enforcers or Wardens.

    Sacred Blackscrolls: Just a simple suggestions. Create a blackscroll that can remove energy enchants but will give them a really low success rate once removed. If this was getting added make it a very rare item.
  2. Eagle_shadow

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    A few of these are already in the suggestions but i agree with some and disagree with others so i would know how staff can move these to "implement" or "archived" if there are only some that are implemented
  3. Datman1428

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    I agree with most of these exept the gaurds bribe it would make it way to ez for people in iron or dia to farm beginners and idk the sacred blackscrolls seem a bit op but idk the rest I agree with completely
  4. Fearzu

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    Oct 25, 2017
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    +1 to everything except the guard bribe
  5. Cirtxed

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    Nov 18, 2017
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    Everything besides for duels looked good. Duels isnt ever gonna be added said by Slayer