Hi! I'm BeastPvPz!

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    Hello! My name, or in game name because this isn't my name irl is BeastPvPz and i just wanted to introduce myself to the forums as well as the server. I'm writing this to inform you guys of my existence and don't stay a randy for the rest of my time on the server. just kidding xD i'm writing this to make new friends and possibly spend more time on the server. I have been playing cosmic for atleast a month (soveriegn prison) but i have also played Ulu Prison it's just that i was a noob and don't really remember playing that, so i'm not counting it. In that month of playing soveriegn prison, i've bought Noble rank with irl money and plan on buying imperial rank and more with in game money. Also, in that one month let's just say i've been a little wild and ignorant, so if you have me muted please unmute me because i will change now that i've been playing for a while and know the rules. Well that should be enough, if you have any questions to ask me ask below!