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  1. JadeMuse

    JadeMuse Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2017
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    I was recently thinking of applying for staff but was dismayed with the requirement of having played on the planet you choose to help on. I may be perceived as selfish for attempting to ask this....

    I suggest that staff applications open up an option for forums only staff; a Supervisor.
    These people would be on the forums constantly, answering questions, providing detailed help, and possibly helping out the other staff with reviewing appeals or tickets (though I don't know how they work so most likely not). A Supervisor is like a Helper in a way, but dealing more with forum based issues.

    Why I suggest this is because I oftentimes see basic questions directed at top staff and helpers when they are not on, sometimes never getting a response due to how busy staff are on the servers. If there were a couple Supervisors dedicating time to the forums, top staff wouldn't have to be flooded with questions and instead direct their efforts to more important matters. If given permission to help with appeals or tickets, these staff could be constantly reviewing them, giving more flow and relaxing some toxicity on the forums. At best, you will always have a staff online ready to help when needed.

    For this, there is the basic ideas of identity, hours spent on the forums, and ratings, and number of posts. If given permission to help with appeals, it seems needed that they accept to having no conflicts of interest; meaning that status on a planet or relationships will not impact any judgements made by them. To help with support tickets, they will have to know how the game functions as an expert. In the end, they just need to be fluent in operating on the forums at various times.

    In summary and in an attempt to clear up my thoughts, A Supervisor is a staff member who is like the helper but is resigned to work on the forums rather than in the game. Only a couple will be needed but they answer questions, provide help, and help other staff on forum duties when needed and if allowed. Their application will be approved based on their knowledge of the game, their time spent on the forums, and their ratings among others.
  2. ForgottenHazzard

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    Dec 3, 2016
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    -1 Most of the time your going to find a staff member or two whether it’s a helper, moderator, admin or ban team member roaming around on the forums. Many of them tend to answer player’s questions and concerns not long after being displayed. It might be a cool addition but I don’t see it being a necessity to the prisons community.
  3. CraftStarOr123

    CraftStarOr123 Alpha Tester II
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    Nov 10, 2016
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    -1 uf you haven't played in game, then you are probably not fit for stuff. Its going to be hard to answer questions on something that you haven't tried yourself, and its harder to see the time soent on forums compared to in game where you lvl, blocks mined etc. tells how much time you spend on the server (haven't included "time played" because it is often partly afk, not just the time you were on the server).

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