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    Welcome Cosmic Prisoners!

    This post contains the list of permitted and blacklisted mods for Cosmic Prisons. This list explains exactly which are allowed and not allowed, however, we recommend avoiding any hassle and using the Cosmic Client.

    The Cosmic Client
    The Cosmic Client was created by the Cosmic Pvp staff team and is a great collection of useful mods and is completely customizable! It can be found here and is permitted on Cosmic Prisons.​

    If you would not like to use the best modpack out there, these are the permitted and blacklisted mods:​

    Permitted Mods

    Forge is a base mod. Meaning that its only function is to allow other mods to work.

    Optifine is a mod that is mostly used for boosting FPS (Frames per second) It is also used for other things like connected textures, or optifine capes.

    Better Sprint / Toggle Sneak
    Better sprint allows you to toggle sprinting or sneaking. This is basically already installed into Minecraft and doesn't give much of an advantage, it's mainly useful for pvp.

    Minimaps that do not show players or entities are welcome. Examples include Journey Map Fairplay edition and Zan's Minimap Fair-play edition, Map Writer.

    Armour/Direction/Potion Status HUDs
    These are pvp based mods that provide information to the user on the main screen

    Puts shading into the game, increases visuals.

    Misc. Mods
    Mods that will edit things like Font or Music are permitted. As long as they don't affect anything, or give you an advantage in the game.

    Lighting/Gamma Edit
    This mod used to remove the spread of lighting to increase your fps and overall increases the brightness of your gameplay.

    Tabbychat is a mod that cleans up the chat system in Minecraft. It will sort messages into different tabs and give you sound notifications when certain messages are sent.

    Damage Indicators
    Damage Indicators is a mod that allows you to see your opponent's health and how much damage you deal.

    Schematica is very useful when designing a cell. Players are allowed to use this mod as an outline, but using the printer option is not permitted and will get you banned.

    Console Client
    Minecraft Console Client is a lightweight app that will make your life easier! It enables you to send commands and receive text messages in a fast and easy way without having to open the main Minecraft game. It is typically used for afking gens in your cells!​

    Blacklisted Mods

    Blacklisted mods is not a complete list. This is a list that simply covers the most frequently asked about mods. ANY mod that gives you an advantage over other players would be considered blacklisted and should not be used.

    Hacked Clients
    This one is fairly simple, If you are caught using any hacked client such as Wurst, Huzuni, etc… your account will be banned permanently. Hacked clients are used to give a player an unfair advantage over other players, which is not permitted.

    This mod gives players specific unfair advantages over other players and is therefore not allowed

    Schematica (Printer)
    The Printer section of Schematica gives players an unfair advantage being able to build automatically and is therefore not allowed.

    Macros and Auto clicking
    A macro is used to make an action easier than it is intended to be. An example of this is placing an object/weight on your mouse to make you mine when in reality you are not clicking down yourself. This is not permitted on the server and will get your account banned. Any auto-clicking software used will also get you banned.

    This mod gives you tools such as fast eat that give an advantage over other players, thus it is not permitted.

    X-Ray and X-Ray Texture Packs

    Clients or resource packs that allow you to see through walls, etc, are not permitted.

    Misc. Mods
    Name tag mods, self-explanatory, you can see name tags clearly from a distance. This is not allowed and any that give you an advantage over players that would be unfair.

    Optic Client
    This mod has been blacklisted and is not permitted for use on Cosmic.

    This mod has been black listed and is not permitted for use on Cosmic.

    Cheatbreaker is a customized mod created for another network that is meant to prevent cheating however due to the fact that screen sharing a player using this mod could result in their being banned on another server/network (per the informational website on cheatbreaker) we have blacklisted this mod as screen sharing is done based on flags and concerns of the suspected player breaking rules. Being on this or any mod will not prevent a player from being requested to screen share if there is reason to suspect them of breaking the rules.​
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