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    1. No Hacked/Cracked Clients, Modifications, Macros, Scripting, DDoS/Dox Threats

    This can include but is not limited to:
    • Clients
    • Resource Packs that would be deemed blacklisted (such as xray)
    • Macros
    • Scripts
    • Exploits that present similarly to a client
    • Setting your attack key to something other than your left mouse button
    • Hardware modifications (such as rapid fire buttons, double click buttons, or weighting buttons etc)
    • Raid detection
    • DDoS, Dox, release of personal information including maintaining IP address lists and databases
    • Swatting
    • Butterfly clicking
    • Drag clicking
    • Bots that automate aspects of the game that would be seen as an advantage (auto rotation, auto placing, or commands such as /near)

    Using clients, resource packs, macros/programs etc that modify your gaming experience in a way that would give you an unfair advantage over the rest of the player base (including afk jumping, setting your attack key to something other than your left click, having multiple buttons set to left click, clicking more than one mouse, as well double and triple click/rapid fire buttons on your mouse hardware, using afk alts for raid detection.), against other players or staff will result in a ban without warning. This may include DDoSing, DoSing, Doxing (releasing personal information including ips, maintaining other players' ip addresses, ip address lists, sharing ips, attempting to use / using someone's full name or the like), threats to DDoS, and/or Swatting (which will result in permanent removal from the server and an IP Ban). Note: Butterfly/Drag clicking, printing on live servers, and editing / deleting logs/history is not permitted and could result in a ban.

    Though alting is permitted, affiliated accounts to members who have broken this rule can be removed from the server through an altban.

    Gangs seen teaming with players who break this rule, hackers, repeat offenders, or ip ban evaders run the risk of the same punishment and/or the disband of their gang / banning of gang members as it breaks rule 17.

    1st Offense: Permanent Ban

    For clarification on Permitted and Blacklisted Mods / Clients click here

    2. No advertising.
    Linking, referencing or naming another server or website that is not affiliated with CosmicPrisons or CosmicPvp is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to: any suspicious link eg. Screamer links, IP grabbing, youtube/twitch/twitter account links.

    Note: We understand that here on CosmicPrisons players love to stream and as such you are allowed to state that you are streaming in the public chat and if a player wishes to watch your stream you may PM them your channel name, however, you are NOT allowed to advertise the name of your channel in Public Chat!

    First Offence: Verbal warning (Unless advertising is spammed).
    Second Offence: Permanent ban.

    Spam advertising will result in an immediate permanent ban.

    3. Spamming, Swearing, Racism, Discrimination, Disrespect, Threats, Sexual, and Derogatory Remarks are not welcome here. Do not bypass the chat filter.
    Any remark to make anyone feel unpleasant or unwelcome is not permitted, we include anyone and everyone. This includes inappropriately renamed items, skins and in-game names.

    That being said, we have a chat filter put in place for a reason. Bypassing the chat filter in any way can also result in punishment.

    First Offence: Verbal warning (Unless excessive, in which case can result in a mute or removal from the server)
    Second Offence: Formal warning (/Warn).
    Third Offence: up to 1 hour temporary mute.
    Fourth Offence: 1 day temporary ban.

    Excessive offences will be at the discretion of an upper staff member (Admin, owner etc.)

    4. No sexually inappropriate content.
    We are a server for players of all ages. Offering yourself, or pictures of yourself, to any player or staff is not permitted. Directing sexual gestures and phrases, towards others is not appropriate. This includes inappropriate in-game names, buildings inside of cells and skins.

    First Offence: Verbal Warning.
    Second Offence: Formal Warning.
    Third Offence: 1 Day Temp Ban.
    Fourth Offence: 7 Day Temp Ban.

    Excessive offences will be at the discretion of an upper staff member (Admin, owner etc.)

    5. Glitches, Duplication and Exploits - If an exploit is found, report it immediately by contacting a staff member.
    Using a glitch or exploit within the game to provide yourself, your gang or others an advantage will result in a ban from the server.

    • Block Glitching
    • Item Duplication
    • Exploiting /bump to jump to heights you would not usually be able to reach

    First Offence: At the discretion of the Admins/Owners

    Glitching into cells will result in an immediate 7d tempban for the first offence with subsequent offences being reviewed by the Admins/Community Manager/Owners and could be permanent.

    If you and another member are caught working as a team to find a means to glitch you will suffer the same consequences.

    Note: In cases of very serious exploits the resulting punishment regardless of the quantity of offences will be a permanent ban - examples of this include but are not limited to the duplication of items and punishment is at the discretion of the Head Admin / Owners / Devs.

    6. In Game Scamming is Not Permitted.
    Scamming is not permitted on the server. Players misrepresenting items for sale, offering to give an item in payment for actions and not following through when able, bait and switch, are all examples of scamming. This INCLUDES renaming items as if they are something they are not in the Auction House and teleport killing (eg. "Tp for items" but killing the player instead)

    First Offence: 7 Day Temp Ban.
    Second Offence: 30 Day Temp Ban.
    Third Offence: 60 Day Temp Ban.

    Excessive offences that follow will be reviewed by upper staff and punishment for continued abuse will be at the discretion of the Head Admin / Owners etc.

    7. In Real Life Money Scamming / Chargebacks.
    In Real Life Money Scamming in which someone promises to purchase a server store item in return for favours in-game will result in a Ban. Scamming someone out of IRL Money is a perm ban. Period.

    Purchasing ranks for any player other than yourself, for in-game items or as a gift, is strongly discouraged. Though not bannable, players who agree to this type of transaction are placing themselves at risk. If the player were to chargeback, the receiver of the purchase would be responsible for the purchase and could result in your account being permanently banned from the server until the funds are repaid.

    Continued offences will result in complete removal from the server with no chance of appeal.

    8. Selling in-game items / IGN's etc for PayPal or other game items

    Players are not permitted to sell in-game items including their Minecraft account on the server for PayPal / cash or make deals regarding items outside of Cosmic Prisons.

    1st Offence: 1 Formal warning
    2nd Offence: 7 Day Temp Ban
    3rd Offence: 30 Day Temp Ban

    Excessive offences that follow will be reviewed by upper staff and punishment for continued abuse will be at the discretion of the Head Admin / Owners etc.

    9. Bypassing Locked / Muted chat will result in removal from the server.
    If you choose to attempt to bypass a chat lock, it could result in removal from the server. Bypassing when staff are trying to communicate without interruption on something that is seen as important only undermines the server as a whole.

    1st Offence: 5m - 60m tempban from the server.

    Continued offences could result in complete removal from the server.

    10. No Inappropriate IGNs or skins.
    As stated in Rule 3: Racism, Discrimination, Sexual, and Derogatory Remarks are not welcome here. If a player is seen with an inappropriate IGN or skin, they will be banned until they change their name/skin and an appeal is submitted.

    First Offence: Permanent ban until changed.

    Continued offences could result in complete removal from the server.

    11. Do not attempt to bypass a mute.

    Bypassing a mute could result in removal from the server. Wait out your mute and follow the rules, it's really that simple.

    Excessive offences will be at the discretion of the upper staff and punishment will be at the discretion of the Head Admin / Owners etc this includes, but is not limited to, trying to start riots / spam/number spam or the like.

    12. Swatting, DDOS and DOX Threats.

    Threatening to terminate or exploit another player or their internet will result in removal from the server. Ddosing is a federal offence and goes further than breaking rules in the game and releasing players personal information is exploitation which also goes outside of the game. Please remain calm and decent, if you're frustrated, log off.

    First Offence: Permanent IP ban.

    13. Esc + space jump glitch.
    This glitch allows the player to jump up and down infinitely, bypassing the afk kick system. If you do this, it will result in punishment.

    First Offence: 7d tempban
    Second Offence: 30d tempban
    Third Offence: Perm ban.

    14. Ban Report Video Removal.
    If you remove the video evidence you provide and the ban report has been accepted, we will ban you for removal of video evidence. Please permanently keep ban report videos on unlisted or public to prevent punishment.

    First Offence: 1 month tempban, (unless evidence is resubmitted).
    Second Offence: Perm Ban (unless evidence is resubmitted).

    15. Begging.
    Your admins are here to help out with things like updates, bug fixing and other various important things. They aren't going to give and give and give every time they are asked. It just becomes too much. If you beg an admin to give items, double xp, etc you will be punished.

    First Offence: Verbal Warning.
    Second Offence: 10 Minute Tempmute.
    Third Offence: Up to an hour Tempmute.

    16. Attempting to bypass the Inspector

    Attempting to bypass or work around the inspector thus giving your cell an unfair advantage over others will result in punishments.

    Punishments for breaking this rule will be at the discretion of the upper staff and will be at the discretion of the Head Admin / Owners.

    17. Undermining the spirit of the game

    If you participate in actions that are deemed to undermine the spirit of the game (this can include unraidaible/exploitive defences, undermining events, mining on more than 1 account at a time, contests, anything that is implied or understood as unintended game/play exploits, or just overall the spirit of the game or how the game was intended) you can be removed permanently from the server.

    Punishment will be at the discretion of upper staff.

    18. Staff Impersonation
    Attempting to impersonate a member of staff by any means is not permitted this includes changing your /nick to that of a staff member.

    First Offence: Formal Warning (/warn)
    Second Offence: 1 Hour Tempmute
    Third Offence: 1 Day Tempban

    19. Insiding
    A gang is viewed as a team and together as a team work towards a common goal.

    When a player adds generators to a cell they are adding into the gang pool. Those generators are now considered property of the gang and not the player specifically.

    Players may only remove generators with the okay from Sr. Gang members (Leaders and CoLeaders)

    Players may not purposefully or maliciously undermine the gang this includes but is not limited to:
    • Removing Generators
    • Sabbotaging cell permissions or defenses
    Examples of Betrayal that are NOT considered insiding are, but are not limited to:
    • Discussing gang schedules
    • Undermining raids
    • Sharing information that could be gained from proper monitoring of enemies
    For this rule to be looked into the gang MUST have in place appropriate /c perms, /2fa, and taken reasonable precautions to ensure they have taken steps necessary to avoid being insided. This can include but is not limited to:
    • Making sure alt gang are properly closed
    • Ensuring new mods and / or members do not have access to items that could leave the gang vulnerable (such as break perms within gang members cells)

    Failure to take appropriate precautionary action will result in your insiding report being denied. We understand many of you are new to the rule and are learning how to set up appropriate permissions.

    Gangs must report Insiding immediately and can do so in the teamspeak at the top of the Teamspeak in the Insiding Reports channel.

    Reports will be reviewed on a case by case basis and could result in removal for the duration of the map or the network indefinitely for the account and / or affiliated accounts.

    NOTE: If you refuse to join the ts while frozen, log while frozen, delete files, history, change settings, amend or disable windows logging, start, refresh, or end windows processes, alter game specific logs or the like during or before a screenshare you WILL be permanently banned with the removal of the ability to purchase an unban. This punishment could also apply to alts. Failure to join the Teamspeak while frozen will result in the same.

    You are not permitted to record the screensharing process. If you record the SS process you and all your affiliated accounts and IP will be banned from the server.

    Evading an IP ban is not permitted.

    NOTE: Any offence considered excessive, consistent, or persistent on the server could result in a Ban / IP Ban.

    Breaking ANY of these rules could result in:
    Formal Warnings
    Temporary Ban (in game and/or on the forums)
    Permanent Ban (in game and/or on the forums)
    Execution of Punishments is up to the Administrators, Owners and Developers.
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