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Nov 7, 2016
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The Offical Ban Team

BanTeam Alpha Tester II Sahara V Imperial

3 years as staff, good times. Dec 11, 2019

AppleOfficial was last seen:
Feb 24, 2020 at 12:47 PM
    1. QQKachoo2085
      You smell
      1. Albinooo likes this.
      2. Greshyy
        Feb 24, 2020 at 2:32 PM
      3. QQKachoo2085
        Feb 24, 2020 at 5:07 PM
      4. Albinooo
        I agree chief
        Feb 25, 2020 at 1:12 AM
    2. supermodeddad
      Hello, my son (username supermodeddad) was in a gang (name "grain") on Sahara. The gang's leader (G3T_M3M3D) asked my son his age and then insided him and took his stuff, most importantly a rank 5 and diamond system reboot 3 boots. We would like the items returned and whatever appropriate punishment is warranted. Thanks for the help.
      1. Cazhinq
        ok boomer.Firstly if u dont have any evidence then just take this L Im going to give to u. Secondly I dont understand what him asking what age your son is have anything to do with this whole thing. Thirdly just dont give anyone your account if you dont want to get insided and finally if u put it in a cell you just wanted the items to be stolen
        Feb 24, 2020 at 3:39 AM
    3. Zack333
      apple please join admin assist appeals for prisons discord
    4. YoloBoysFTW
      Good Staff member
    5. Bebix
    6. AppleOfficial
      3 years as staff, good times.
      1. YoloBoysFTW, trembo and 1619 like this.
      2. NickT08
        Gg! Apple! It was nice to play with you in the short time I did. Thanks for being a great staff member!
        Dec 11, 2019
      3. trembo
        apple really is the bestest best staffer a guy could wish for <3
        Dec 12, 2019
    7. YAndAHalf
      Hello im YAndAHalf and i was wondering if you could ban The IGN: Ballzey because he had taken all of my stuff from my inventory and i dont know how he did it i believe he is cheating
      1. R3liableDodo
        You need to submit a ban report in order for any action to be placed on the other player. (you can do it here

        Also, you will need evidence of them stealing your stuff in order for them to be punished.

        Unfortunately, your items will most likely not be given back to you (even if you have evidence) as they are now in the flow of the economy.
        Nov 27, 2019
    8. KrazyCat_YT
      Hello, it is me KrazyCat_. You banned me over a year ago, and I was wondering, was it disobeying the rules when I put an object on my mouse for a few minutes? And if there is any way I can apologize, please, let me know.
      1. Greshyy
      2. KrazyCat_YT
        Ive already tried, theres no use. I just wanted to play on my favorite server again, but I cant :(
        Oct 1, 2019
    9. theostrez6
      Hey, Apple I realize you are probably busy but I posted a ban appeal because I was falsely banned if you could check it out I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks <3
      1. Eagle_shadow
        you just pushed it back, good job
        Sep 26, 2019
    10. killerpro98
      see my unfair ban appeal plasee , ban not perma but 3 months ! too much
      1. Pacifist_Route
        There are not many Ban Team staff active. Also commenting on their profile won't make your appeal get seen any quicker. Just be patient!
        Sep 24, 2019
      2. killerpro98
        i posted appeal yesterday morning oof ok
        Sep 24, 2019
    11. SuuuuhDude
      Hey there is a kid saying my irl name in chat i reported him can u look into it and he told his gang members too so they can msg me
      1. Eagle_shadow
        dont ask staff to look into a ban report or itll get pushed back and youll have to wait even longer on a reply
        Sep 15, 2019
    12. LeoDragon1
      you trying to fix that and i cant even have mods im on a 2010 macbook pro
    13. LeoDragon1
      hey umm you just baned me for playing the game and trying to type in chat and it kicked me for spam JUST FOR WRITING A DAM MSG
      1. Eagle_shadow
        use 1.8.9 instead of the latest version
        Aug 31, 2019
        LeoDragon1 likes this.
    14. Hxxro

      I was recently banned from your server for un fair advantage. The problem is that I was never cheating or hacking!!! I was experiencing network connection issues! This is unfair. Is there a way to go play on your server?
      1. Eagle_shadow
        make a ban appeal, dont spam staff
        Aug 22, 2019
    15. Ultimatenub
      help me in ts <3
    16. R5G
      Thanks for the help but this message came from my email! I have send it an couple times right now without an reaction. May you can help me with getting contact with admins / owners
    17. kingpingmexico
      I submitted a support ticket can you do it for me
    18. AppleOfficial
      2 Years of Banteam, love you all <3
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      2. Mulloway
        gg nice
        Jul 27, 2019
      3. Greshyy
        gg apple! thanks for keeping the community somewhat sane
        Jul 28, 2019
        Hot_Chez likes this.
      4. ImJB
        Thank you for getting all of those pesky hackers and keeping this wonderful server clean! Keep up the good work!
        Jul 31, 2019
    19. YourFearIsNear
      stevieewhite hacking, can u guys do a control? she's online on sovereign right now (killaura - antikb etc..)
      1. AppleOfficial
        He has been shiva banned but I'll look into it ty my guy
        Jul 26, 2019
    20. MrBamboozle__
      hey i need help someone scammed me, i have full video proof
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