Welcome Cosmic Prisoners!

As most of you saw, Plebston gave you all some #Spoilerz on his twitter today.

I'm here to officially give the details on the cosmic launch.
Rob and Preston will be doing a live stream of them playing on the server on
Friday 6pm CST

they will stream the server at its current condition to stress test how the server will react.
The following day, we will be doing a complete reset and releasing some awesome updates with it.
Rest scedule isn't final but approximately will occur at:
Saturday 8pm CST

We are moving from discord to now use teamspeak3 instead
Ip is ts.cosmicprisons.com
Welcome Cosmic Prisoners!

It's the news you've all been waiting for. The updates you've all been begging me to give. It's finally here for you guys and what a better time than to give this to you guys as we head into the Christmas season!

[Mining] & [Balance]
Hitting Players
New Cells
Tping to Cells
Decrease in % to get shards

[Mining] & [Balance]

Just like your [item] command, these commands are here so you are able to show off everything you possibly could imagine! REMEMBER ALL MINES HAVE BEEN OPEN!


Hitting Players

You can finally fight back with all strength and might that you have! You are now able to fight players back with any item in hand once hit by a sword!

New Cells
Just about every player has begged and pleaded for new tier 5 cells, we couldn't just ignore that. With that being said, 60 new cells have been added. (20 per block)

With that good news, there's also a small bit of bad news. Once all tier 5 cells are taken, we will not be adding anymore. This will encourage players to get their hands on the higher tier cells, they are much bigger after all.

Tping to Cells
Mostly because we've all have a bit of laziness, no longer must you walk the extra mile to your cells prisoners! just type /cells and click on the note called 'My Cells' and you can teleport straight to your cell from spawn!


Decrease in % to get shards
It was honestly insane how quickly players were getting stacks of shards from the coal mines, so of course we're not going to let everyone run around the place having a whole inventory of shards....
Welcome Cosmic Prisoners!

What a crazy few weeks its been. So much has been going on that I can barely remember what I had for dinner yesterday! And of course, you guys know we've been working hard on bug fixes and updates, yet it seems the lists are endless. Today we have a few new additions for you guys!

  • Ores now have individual durability. When you mine one and you are blocked by a player, the block stays at the damage you previously did before you stopped mining.
  • Gold and below Pickaxes are purchasable in shop.
  • Pickaxes no longer have durability damage.
  • You will no longer receive a wooden pickaxe on death.
  • NPCs are now viewable to 1.8.8 and below.
  • Guards previous skin is back.
  • Guards will only instantly kill you after one hit if they physically see you.
  • Any/all shards can be received from any mine. Depending on which tier the mine depends on the % chance on receiving certain shards.
  • The parkour from the back of the map & the ufo parkour has been removed.
  • /ah is now working as previously intended, however a revamp is still to come.
  • New word filter added.
  • Small changes to the /spawn look & Christmasified look
-Pickaxe mining leveling change, you now begin by mining with your fist and work up to using pickaxes.
Wooden pickaxe - lvl 10
stone pickaxe - lvl 30
Gold pickaxe - lvl 50
Iron pickaxe - lvl 70
Diamond pickaxe - lvl 90

A crazy amount of changes, but it doesn't stop here. @melsha is working on some very important updates for you guys coming as soon as possible! Look out for more and get hyped for whats in store!
Welcome Cosmic Prisoners!

I'm more than happy to see you all having a good time playing on the server. I've been seeing a lot of alliances and enemies being made daily, mining and cell building.

However, even though we're all having loads of fun, we must remember that we're still in alpha/beta. Thus, there are some bugs to be expected. Our dev @melsha has been working hard for the past couple of days to fix a few of our issues and I'm here now to let you guys know what's been fixed and what you guys should look forward to. Let's get into our fixes;
Deflated money
/Spawn countdown
Attacking Without a Sword
Ore Respawn Delay
Rubberbanding and Pvp Lag

Deflated Money
Money has been deflated by 100. If you had $1, it has become $0.01.

This does not effect or change anything but the way that money looks. You still are at the same balance and money levels, so don't have a panic attack guys!

For those OG Cosmic players and for those who are all used to typing /hub instead of /lobby.

/Hub is now accessible from the prisons server. No longer will you need to type /lobby. ;)

/Spawn countdown
You will now receive a 10 second countdown when teleporting to spawn.

You are now able to tab players names after a command.

Attacking Without a Sword
You will now be notified that you need a sword to attack a player.

Ore Respawn Delay
The "difficult" section of mines now has a 5 second delay and the "easy" section of mines have a 10 second delay.

Iteming items...
Welcome Cosmic Prisoners!

I hope you've all been excited about this server. I know I have, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to do an introduction on myself and explain to you guys what I'm doing here.

A bit about me
Some of you may remember me as the previous Helper, Moderator, Ban team and then Administrator of CosmicPvp. For those who don't know me, I'll start from the beginning. In 2014 I met ypperin through a server that I was a helper on, when she came in, she took over as Community Manager. We worked together and grew close on that server, when in the beginning of 2015 she left to be full-time on Cosmic. Thus, I followed her.

Where have I been?
From April 11th 2015 - August 15th 2016 I was loyal to Cosmic. For the past few months I've been working on other servers and learning from being away from what I was accustomed to. Now I'm back and ready to get started over here on CosmicPrisons.

My Role and what I do
My role currently will be Jr. Admin. I'm here to help with many different things. Some being; Bug fixes and assisting the growing community and staff team. I'll be around mostly in the evening in the Australian timezone (GMT +11) which is usually in the early AM for a lot of you. However, I always respond and will be available to all of you for any means.

I'm excited to see where this will go and to watch the community grow. So, I'd like to thank you all for joining and being apart of this experience with me.


Here's a bit about me and my personality.
-I work the same as ypperin does and I strive for this server to be as well done as CosmicPvp.
-I like colours, but usually only wear black on black.
-I'm a neat freak,...
For those that are subbed to this portion of the forums, this post is to make sure you don't miss the recent post under Server Announcements with recent bug fixes and patch notes!

Check it out:
Hey guys!

Thought I would take a moment to keep y'all in the loop. As you know we have a new Moderator who is just finding his feet! Please join me in welcoming @jtxdesertrat to the staff team. Please give him time to find his feet as he begins his new role as our first staff member! Tex will be helping with bug reports and answering your questions as well as helping to keep the peace on the server.

On to recent patch notes and bug fixes:
  • Players can now use /msg to message other players and /r to reply
  • Players can now toggle their messages by using /dnd to toggle off messages
  • World border issues have been rectified (though keep in mind once the server goes live it won't be as big an issue as the border will be expanded to encompass the whole world!)
  • Guards can now spawn in the shop (so it's no longer a safe place to gank!)
  • Karma inconsistancies when hitting guards has been corrected
  • Chat colors will be updated soon for donators and such
  • Fire in cells will burn indefinitely but will not burn PLACED Blocks (you can still use it as a trash bin for stuff you don't want)
  • Guards have been given a longer reach
  • When a guard enters your cell, though they are still being reported as being able to go through blocks, should not harm you while you are in your cell.
  • Players can now place all the way up to their door in their cells
  • Anti spam has been added to the server to assist those who are constantly trying to flood the chat
  • You can now message across servers (which will be even more helpful when we have multiple live servers)
  • Staff can kick a player regardless of what server they are on
  • Merchants/shops have been added to mines but cost more than those at spawn.
  • Cell sign/gate location on cells has been corrected.

Some things to look forward to:
More blocks will be added very shortly to ancient rocks/pottery etc.
Discussions on spawn protection
Hey guys! Figured I would take a moment to post what the developer has indicated he's fixed recently. Remember, if you come across a bug or have an issue with something on the server take a moment to post a bug report and try to include the following:

  • What the bug is doing that it shouldn't
  • How to make the bug happen in step by step format
  • Try to include a video and/or screenies

For example:

Bug report on Eating:
When trying to eat my character goes through the animation however the food does not replenish my hunger/saturation.

Step 1: deplete hunger
Step 2: Try to eat

Notice the hunger bar


If you report bugs in this manner the developer will be able to better fix the issues :)

On to his completed list:
  • Eating bug that shows animation but does not replenish hunger has been fixed
  • Scoreboard only being visible to some players has been corrected
  • Chests in cells that were losing contents on reboots has been fixed
  • /register message for those already registered has been fixed to only show to unregistered players on the forums
  • Cells have been limited to 1 user per cell (larger cells should allow more players to use them)
  • Commands that should not be available have been blocked
  • Players who receive doors from crates should be able to use them in their cells now
  • Barrier blocks now show for admins when being held
  • Swing animations against guards are now showing
  • Cooldown for bread on spawn in has been added
  • Database issues (causing troubles logging in) has been fixed
  • Bad karma now decays and guards should not follow you indefinitely
  • Cash balance has been added to the scoreboard
Keep the bug reports coming guys! Thanks for the help!
Today we will be resetting the saves, cells, and all data related to the alpha. We apologize if this is something you were not looking forward to but it is our goal to test out many different variations of experience rates and view the effects of game changes.

Big changes
  • Mining XP has been nerfed heavily, you will notice this right away :(
  • Market duplication has been fixed
  • The border is fixed (so no one can venture out anymore...)
  • Guards are now much more relaxed when it comes to fighting back towards an aggressor
  • Sword damage has been changed dramatically
  • Cells now actually store items you put in a chest properly
  • Karma is now fully operable
  • Shop & cell prices tuned
NOTICE: Alpha Access rank will be on sale for 12 hours starting at the reset time! (5 PM EST - 5 AM EST)

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope to see you on the server soon!

- Joe
Yeah, so prisons is here. Months and months and months later and it's here.

Welcome to the forums, let's hang. Right now it's super all over the place (and honestly a huge mess)- but that's okay. We are woking on building an awesome team of people to have on this server. Looking forward to working with you guys to make this #1.

I am going to try and write up a nice little post about Prisons that will include:

1) The lore / story behind this idea
2) Where we see it going
3) What we want to see in the future
4) all that banta

But for now I have to go mine and take care of some things.

Looking forward to giving you all the L soon.
(♥ω♥ )︵L