Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

After much discussion throughout the community and a poll to have everyone's input it is time to let you guys know that rules have changed. From now on, scamming offences go as follows:

6. In Game Scamming is Not Permitted.
Scamming is not permitted on the server. Players misrepresenting items for sale, offering to give an item in payment for actions and not following through when able, bait and switch, are all examples of scamming. This INCLUDES renaming items as if they are something they are not in the Auction House and teleport killing (eg. "Tp for items" but killing the player instead)

First Offence: 7 Day Temp Ban.
Second Offence: 30 Day Temp Ban.
Third Offence: 60 Day Temp Ban.

Excessive offences that follow will be reviewed by upper staff and punishment for continued abuse will be at the discretion of the Head Admin / Owners etc.

Thank you to everyone who voted on the poll, these were the final results.
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners

We're saying goodbye to easter, but we're not saying bye to weekend updates. Of course, we're going to give you all another update. Let's get into it;

Generators & Meteorites!
"Safe" Meteors
Bug Fixes
10% Off Sale

Generators & Meteorites!
Everyone knows and loves our generators, but we thought we could do a little more to make them perfect. On the next sever reboots you will notice two new additions/changes.

part 1.
Your crude ore will generate a little differently physically. Everything is actually the same, however, the ore will be visually different. We noticed that ore wasn't being broken at all the first stages. Thus, we've made it so the stages change after a certain amount of ore is generated.

for example, a crude ore with less than 25 stacks will show the second phase
less than 100, the third phase
and so on.
the final phase, possibly at something like 500-1000 will show the actual ore.

This will give an easy visual indicator as to how many ores you actually have generated.

part 2. - Meteorite ore generators!
Most importantly and more exciting, this update is definitely going to solve our issue with players sitting in mines for hours.

You will soon hear meteorites spawning in the maps. Working the same as your ore generators/crude ore, these spawn in similar to meteors, only they spawn more often. Then perodically, there will be a meteorite shower, where tons of these little meteorites spawn everywhere.


One of the best parts about these meteorites is that anyone can mine it at the same time as others. These blocks are completely personal and doesn't show other players breaking them.

[​IMG] a

Right click them for more info!

Some enchant's that won't work...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

After the long process of denying 42 pages of staff applications, it's finally time to start over. Like spring cleaning, this is application cleaning. To everyone who has received a denial message in their notifications, this isn't the end of the line for you all.

Everyone can now post a new staff application!

May the odds be forever in your favour and good luck to you all!
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

It's another weekend, you know what that means. Update time! This week seemed to be a busy one for the admin team and so we held back on any major game changes and instead decided to bring to you all a massive enchantment update weekend, coming in this mornings reboots. Let's get into it;

New Enchantments
Enchant Tweak
Rule Change
30% Off Sale!

New Enchantments!
This weekend will be our massive skew of enchants, from fewer op ones to the pretty and desired ones. Take a read of what we've got for you!

Applies to All
- Legendary Enchant
Max Level:3
With this enchant, you truly are one lucky prisoner! This enchantment will increase your luck and chance for each of your enchantments on the gear that lucky is on to proc. You'll be doing more damage in no time!

Applies to Swords
- Uncommon Enchant
Max Level: 3
The chance to knock your opponent flying into the air..well...not too high now.

Lifesteal - Legendary Enchant
Max Level: 3
It's time to steal the life of your enemy. Chance on hit to retrieve the health from damage dealt to your opponent.

Poison - Uncommon Enchant
Max Level: 3
Your enemy won't see it coming, with a chance to temporarily poison your enemy, the poison enchant's what you're looking for!

Blaze - Elite Enchant
Max Level: 3
Burn opponents to a crisp! Every player in the radius will catch on fire and burn.

Frostblade - Simple Enchant
Max Level: 3
Chance to give temporary slowness is given when this enchantment procs.

Applies to Armour...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Oh boy, has it been a busy week with the exciting addition of SHIVA now auto banning amongst many other things, however, that isn’t stopping us from bringing you a huge update this weekend! @melsha has been working nonstop to bring you these updates which you can look forward to after your planet reboots today!

Additional Mining Levels!
The Enforcers
Confimation for Purchases
Enchant Adjusments
Buycraft Art
20% Off Sale

Additional Mining levels
That’s right 102’s, you best get back to grinding because after the upcoming reboots you'll have some extra workload. With a high demand from the late levels, the number of players begging for more only increased and we couldn't leave you all hanging, so I give to you all, more mining levels!

103 (Tinkerer Mastery)
Once you hit this level you will gain a permanent buff with the tinkerer giving you more energy for your unloved gear!

104 (Tp Cooldown)
Once you hit this level you gain a permanent reduction in your tp times whether it be /spawn, /cells, etc.

The Enforcers
We heard your cries for Wardens at Prismarine mine, but we thought they might be a little too overpowered for the Prismarine mine. Thus, we've decided to create a middle man of the guards and wardens. He is a little stronger than your typical guards, but weaker than the warden.

After these upcoming reboots @XsSlayeR3 and I will be replacing a good portion of the guards in the Prismarine mine, we may also do some rearranging to their placements.

Confirmation for Purchases
As chargebacks became a growing problem, we needed to get it sorted out asap. With this update comes a new era to purchasing. As some of you cosmicpvp players are accustomed to, we are adding in a similar confirmation system for purchases....
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

The time has come, step right up if you're ready to watch with me as hacker count decreases and authentic players finally feel safe and secure.

It's been a long time coming. Roadblockers from; important updates, my USA trip and other pressing issues, we put off the addition of auto-banning. However, we're finally ready to take the plunge.

I introduce to you all, SHIVA. As previously mentioned, this here is a passive anti-cheat. This means its intention is not to stop you from breaking the rules. It just detects and bans you. However, with having a passive anti-cheat we had to keep NCP as our aggressive one, which does stop players from cheating (to a degree).

For those who aren't aware, SHIVA is one of the best anti-cheats out there at the moment and I can confirm that there won't be many, if any incorrect bans. As per usual, if you feel you have been banned wrongfully, post a ban appeal. If you have been banned by SHIVA, post a SHIVA ban appeal.

I'm not sure about you all, but I'm excited to see it in action. Be aware hackers, your days are numbered!

Swinging When Fighting
NPC Skins & Warden bug
Lobby Selector Update

Swinging When Fighting

Previously your arm would not swing on other client's screens when you fought them and/or hit blocks. This has been corrected.

Npc Skin changes & Warden Bug Fix

As I was away and came back, I noticed some of our new npcs weren't wearing their correct uniforms. Thus, with this comes a makeover to our newer npcs; The Warden, Mason,...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

As some of you may have noticed, I have personally been..well non-existent for the past week. For those who didn't notice, well, I'm saddened. Anyhow. For the past 11 days I have been in the US (I live in Australia) doing a camp. It was a very intensive camp, meaning all of those days were action packed with going to NASA and both Universal Studios and 2 of the Disney's in Orlando, Flordia. So with that, I am just here to inform that I am finally back from this trip and ready to take over again.

Thankfully whilst I was gone, @XsSlayeR3 took my place in assisting the community and did a stellar job at doing so. Make sure to thank him for his hard work!

If you have any questions or any issues, let me know. You guys have all ears!
Greetings Cosmonauts!

This week has been super busy from the new cells to the insanely OP Wardens but that hasn’t stopped us from bringing you yet another update! Here is what you can look forward to seeing on your planet after today's reboot!

  • April Cosmic Crate
  • New Enchants
April Cosmic Crate
A Cosmic Crate for those of you that don’t know is the best of the best in loot that the Cosmoverse has to offer. You would be mad to not want to get your hands on this crate! Each month there will be a different themed crate for you to get your hands on, here is a look at this month's crate and what it has to offer.


With this you are guaranteed: 3-4x 60-80% Black Scrolls, High Tier Mining XP Bottle, 2-3 Cell Guard Nametags, High-Tier Contraband Crate, 3-4x 60-80% Enchantment Orbs and you get one of the three Bonus Items: Charge Orb +10% x10-15 levels, 1Mil - 5Mil Cosmic Energy or a High-Tier Rank! The Cosmic Crate can be purchased from the store!
New Enchants

Hook III (Swords)
Chance to cause your target to pull towards you


Famine III (Swords)
Chance to reduce your opponent's saturation or hunger level

Unknown III (Armor)
Chance on hit to hide your health


Fracture V (Pickaxe)
Damage ores around your pickaxe as you mine (Does not work for generators)

25% Off Sale!

In true Cosmic form to celebrate the release of the Cosmic Crate...​
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

@melsha has been doing his usual coding his fingers off and decided he couldn’t wait till the weekend to get these updates out to you so here is a rundown of what you can expect after your planet reboots today!

  • Contraband loot table rework
  • Ores in mines
  • Notable bug patches

Contraband loot

We decided to have a word with the cosmic gods as to why they were only giving you guys 300 ores from something as rare as contrabands, you will no longer have to worry about this as you will now get 1000 of the respective ore from your contrabands!​

Ores in mines

We have heard many cosmonauts complaining that when mining you feel you aren’t getting rewarded as much as you should be for your hard efforts, to fix this you will now notice that when mining the amount of ores you gain has been buffed ever so slightly across the board yes that includes you level 102’s​

Bug patches

So you cosmonauts over on Sovereign may have noticed you gained an extension to your shop with the addition of the new shop keepers, there was an issue with the area making it so that you would not be able to /pv while you was in this area, this has now been fixed.​
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

It has been another busy week, but as always that isn’t stopping us from bringing you another midweek update! @melsha has been working nonstop to bring you these updates which you can look forward to after your planet reboots today!

  • Wardens
  • More Cells!
  • Carpenter Rework
  • Notable Bug Patches


Wardens are guards that are extremely dangerous and should never be toyed with. They have been hired to watch over the Coal and Iron mines to protect prisoners from bandits who were causing problems.

More Cells!

That’s right we know you have been begging us to give you more cells now and as you may have noticed over the past few days the tier 5 section of your cells have gained an extension! After the reboot you guys can look forward to the following new cells:​

62 tier 5 cells (Section D)
6 tier 4 cells (3 on the end of section A & C)
2 tier 3 cells (Added on to the end of the current lane)
2 tier 2 cells (Added on to the end of the current lane)​

Carpenter Rework

The Carpenter has decided that he is no longer going to be so picky about what items he sells to you cosmonauts and has decided to bring his friends along Craftsman, Greensman, Mason, Prospector and the Weaver will be coming to /shop and are bringing a whole slew of new goodies for you to decorate your cells with!​

Notable Bug Patches

The issue with guards (Often referred to as the villain bug) has been mitigated.​