Greetings Prisoners!

The time is upon us! The Great War starts now! Valron vs Ulu vs Sovereign! Who will win? The war ends on Thursday at 5 PM CST at which point the victor will be announced! We also have an official time for reset!

The Great War
Sovereign v. Valron v. Ulu
Starts: NOW!
Ends: March 1st, Friday, 3:00PM CST

In this post, we hope to address some of your concerns you brought up in yesterdays post about Aether Shards and the costs vs the age of each planet and also go into some detail about each aspect that will be introduced on the winning planet on reset.
  • The Great War
  • Cell level requirements
  • Warzone Monsters
  • Player Prestiges
  • Energy Forges
  • Tiered Zones
  • Bank Blocks
  • Top Rank Giveaways
The Great War
How do you support your planet?
Players will work to gain shards through mining ores, completing /quests & purchasing them via the Cosmic General at spawn. Aether Shards are deposited into your planets fund through the Cosmic General NPC at spawn. The planet with the most shards at the end wins!

Thursday afternoon Prisoners can look forward to the winning announcement

Want to see how your planet is doing in the /war efforts? Type /war and watch for regular updates in the chat!

A main concern many of you brought up was how would it be fair for Valron to compete vs the other planets as they are a lot younger so will not have the same amount of raw cash available to them vs the other planets. As such the devs have done the math looking at each planets age and have come up with the following...
Greetings Prisoners!

It's been a week already boy does time fly fast! We are charging up this weekend for some big updates here in the near future and we wanted to give you a teaser of what is to come! Let’s get right into it!
  • An Apology
  • Ore Generators and Cells
  • The Great War
  • Player Prestiging
  • Cosmic Client Mapwriter Update
  • Bug Fixes/QOL
An Apology
We wanted to start off this post by first apologizing for the recent changes we made to ore generators and the level requirements. There is nothing quite as disheartening as seeing the effect these changes have had to our server. There is no hiding behind how it has effected the playerbase of the server and we want to be as transparent as possible with you guys. Cosmic Prisons means a lot to me and the rest of the staff team and we want to make things right!

We recently touched base with you guys on our reasoning behind the update and what the problems were here in this post but we admit that the way we tried to address and fix those issues were wrong and as such we aim to fix that today with the following changes.
Ore Generators and Cells
All Ore Generators will once again be able to be placed/mined at the same level as unlocking the type of ore BUT you will only receive XP from Ore Generators at a reduced rate of 33% less XP until you hit the required mining levels we currently had set out to unlock the ability to mine/place them in cells.

We have also tweaked the level requirements for crude ore to be as follows:
Simple Crude Ore - Level 1
Uncommon Crude Ore - Level 20
Elite Crude Ore - Level 40
Ultimate Crude Ore - Level 60
Legendary Crude Ore - Level 80
Godly Crude Ore - Level 101

The Great War

It’s what you have...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to the 43rd installment of the Cosmic Community Column. Its CCC time, so let's get straight into this week's column!


Biggest Coinflip in History get beaten!

@ThatJadamMan decided to take back his title of prisons largest coin flip by grinding up a whopping 8.5 Billion Dollars and risking it all! Will anyone even attempt to do a bigger cf or is this just all getting out of hand!



Mega Shard Opening!

There's nothing better than opening up loot, it just gives you those exciting yet nervous feelings of what you might get! To get your fix of unboxings this week be sure to check out @icyGamerz mega shard opening below!


Wooden Pickaxe Enchant Spree!

@Joey2013 has been going hard these week and built and heaps of energy to improve on his wooden pickaxe. He focuses mainly on meteorite mining as its the fastest way to make energy and boy does it pay off! He pickaxe has gone super saiyan after all that enchanting and now mins up that iron like a bullet train!


Thoughts on Player Prestiging?

Salt has been in the air over recent updates and players have been voicing their opinions and suggestions which is great to see. Mentioned in a forums post this week Slayer mentioned Player Prestiging, which explains that level 1-100 will be a shorter...
Greetings Prisoners!

The devs and the staff team have been working night and day to make this weekends update possible. Without blabbering on here's what you have to look forward to upon your planets reboot today:
  • Tiered Zones
  • Warzone Bandits
  • Warzone Bandit Bosses
Tiered Zones
As mentioned in our last post on Saturday today we are introducing a big change to the Prisons world! The overworld will now be split up into tiered zones! These zones will limit the tier of gear and enchants you can use in certain parts of the world! These zones will work similar to how Outposts work except you will not be blocked from entering a zone that has a lower limitation on gear and enchants than what you are currently using! The only difference will be is that your gear and enchants will be limited to that of the zone you are in!​

Here are the tiers and the limitations in them:
Leather Area
Leather Armor & Stone Weaponry
Armor Enchants restricted to Level 11
Weapon Enchants restricted to Level 16

Gold Area
Gold Armor & Gold Weaponry
Armor Enchants restricted to Level 21
Weapon Enchants restricted to Level 21

Iron Area
Iron Armor & Iron Weaponry
Armor Enchants restricted to Level 31
Weapon Enchants restricted to Level 31

Diamond Area
Diamond Armor & Diamond Weaponry
Armor Enchants restricted to Level 41
Weapon Enchants restricted to Level 41​

How do I know what enchants will work on my gear?
So say for example you were wearing a Diamond chestplate and using an Iron sword and walked into the Leather Tiered zone your armor and weapons would still work but they will only be as effective as Leather armor/weapons. If you had more enchants on your armor/weapons that what is allowed in that zone then only your highest tiered enchants up to the limit for that area would work.​

Let’s take this armor piece here for an example:...​
Greetings Prisoners

Valentine's Day is that special day of the year where everyone makes that extra effort for their special someone! It's your lucky day because here comes your special gift from the Prisons team <3

Lootbox: Solitary

This love-filled Lootbox is the one you want to get your hands on boasting a brand new item to prisons.
  • The # of items you will receive from the list of "Random Loot" is displayed in (X items) next to the category, where X=the number of rolls you will get from that loot table! (Every roll is unique, so you can receive multiple of the same item!)
  • The list of "Jackpot Loot" is also included into the Random loot section and just indicates what the very rare items to get in the Lootbox are!
  • As a bonus, you will *always* receive all items listed under the "Bonus Loot" section whenever you open a Lootbox.
Prestige Token

The prestige token is applicable to pickaxes and allows you to get a free prestige on the pickaxe regardless of its level or its mined blocks. Simply move the Prestige Token onto the pickaxe you wish to “prestige” and it will automatically open the prestige gui and allow you to make your prestige selection!
Valentines Day Secret Admirer

A special someone on the server is your secret admirer! A global chat message will appear every 15 mins where the cosmic fates will announce who each other's special someone should be!

In Celebration of the Valentine's Day events, we will be having a 35% off sale on the Server Store for the weekend!
Greetings Prisoners!

This coming week we plan on introducing a rather big change to the server in its "beta phase". Those of you that have stuck by us over these past few months as we have implemented some rather big changes to the server are greatly appreciated. As such we wanted to give you a heads up of the changes we plan on making this coming Friday as well as to gather your thoughts & feedback on how this aspect of the server will change things. This isn't going to be your everyday post so make sure you are sitting comfortably!

First, let us start with the issues we are seeing right now and then we will get on to the proposed solutions.
  1. High-Tier players ganking merchant, events, NPCs
  2. High-Tier players bullying low-tier players
  3. Warzone "emptiness"
  4. Level Grind redundancy and fatigue
High-Tier players ganking merchant, events, NPCs
Currently, we see a high number of the recently introduced Merchants being killed by no one other than high tier armoured players. This is not something that should be happening. The idea behind the merchants and the different tiers was to give every tier of player on the server a little dose of PvE and a reward for doing so.​

Unfortunately, as it stands if say a leather player attempted to go kill an Iron Ore Merchant they would just get ROFL stomped by an Iron/Diamond Tier player and they would be discouraged from ever attempting to go for merchants again because of this.​

High-Tier players bullying low-tier players
This is also the case for anyone below the Diamond tier armour when it comes to Meteorite hunting, in most cases as again they will just be wiped out the second they come into contact with a high tier player. We understand that if you are a high tier player you should be able to easily take on anyone in lower tier armour but we don't think this should be the case if the player is...​
Greetings Prisoners

It's a quiet week here for us Prisoners but that doesn't mean we don't have nothing for you guys! Here is a look at what we have in store for you live on your planets now!
  • LootBox: Time Machine
  • Shard Satchel
  • Gang Moderator Chat
  • 35% Off Sale!
LootBox: Time Machine

Boy am I hyped about this weeks Lootbox! From satchels to XP Boosters and even a chance at the Christmas /cc you are going to want to get your hands on it before it is gone forever!
  • The # of items you will receive from the list of "Random Loot" is displayed in (X items) next to the category, where X=the number of rolls you will get from that loot table! (Every roll is unique, so you can receive multiple of the same item!)
  • The list of "Jackpot Loot" is also included into the Random loot section and just indicates what the very rare items to get in the Lootbox are!
  • As a bonus, you will *always* receive all items listed under the "Bonus Loot" section whenever you open a Lootbox.

This week's Lootbox will start off with 3 “Random Loot” items and the 2 guaranteed “Bonus Loot”!

Lootboxes are available on the Store and limited to 2 unlocks, per IGN, per week, this is across the whole network!

Shard Satchel

A long time requested addition to the Satchel family! Shard Satchels give you the ability to keep all your shards in one easy place and are currently only available from this weeks Lootbox! They can be whitescrolled just like any other Satchel and to remove any shards from your satchel you simply just have to run the command /unsatchel <tier> <amount>!
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to the 42nd installment of the Cosmic Community Column. Its CCC time, so let's get straight into this week's column!


Biggest Coinflip in History?!

@ThatJadamMan decided to put it all on the line in a make it or break it coinflip! A whopping 3.7 Billion Dollar coinflip against @MosiacPlayz talk about going all in! This is by far the largest coin flip i've seen since coinflips have been introduced.



Stay outta my cell!!

Over on the Valron Planet @LonesomeShadow got a great clip of him defending his cell from pesky intruders! An epic 1v1 battle ensues where he's able to land the final blow against his female opponent and score an ez leather set!


Level 50 Gen Breaker in 2 days!?!

Gen Breaker levelling was recently added so that players could level up their raiding tools to become weapons of mass efficiency! At max level being able to break crude ore in 0.2 of a second there definitely OP! @Jayzblock realised how good they were at high level and decided to spend at entire day and half levelling his Gen Breaker to level 50 on an abandoned low tier cell that had heaps of gens and crude inside. Talk about dedication!



One of the cheapest methods to get energy?

Greetings Prisoners

Already 1 month through 2019! The devs have been working hard through this bitter winter we have been experiencing and here is what you prisoners have to look forward to live on your planets now!
  • February Cosmic Crate
  • Cosmic Crate Categories
  • XP Extract Confirmation
  • Bug and QOL Fixes
  • 35% Off Sale
February Cosmic Crate
A Cosmic Crate created for only the best of the best in the Prisons world! The February /cc will not disappoint!
This Cosmic Crate takes things to a whole new level! Stacked with only the best of the best loot, you are guaranteed to get the following: Custom Titles, 2-3x Gkit Generators, 2-4x 100% Black Scrolls, 3-6x Item Nametags, 1x Godly Enchant Book or 1x Godly Enchant Orb, 2-4x Heroic Gkit Flares, 1-2x 120 Min 3.5x XP Booster, February 2018 Cosmic Crate, 1-2x Mystery or Heroic Cosmic Crates. You will also receive one of the following bonus items: 7,500,000 - 15,000,000 Cosmic Energy, 1-3x Random Gkit Beacons or a Heroic Rank Crystal!

Cosmic Crate Categories
We have gone through all the /cc's and organised them all into some nice little categories to make the experience a little cleaner and nicer!
XP Extract Confirmation
A long requested addition to the server is finally here! Now when you extract XP you will be met with some confirmation text showing you how much XP you are attempting to extract, how much you will lose due to the tax and the mining level you will be after extraction!

Bug and QOL Fixes

  • Certain...
Greetings Prisoners!

We have been closely monitoring last weeks update and after taking a look at the numbers over the past few days we have decided to make the following changes to the Ore Exchanger and his prices!

Coal Ore: $0.02 -> $0.06
Coal (Refined): $0.04 -> $0.32

Iron ore: $0.06 -> $0.18
Iron (Refined): $0.12 -> $0.96

Lapis Lazuli Ore: $0.18 -> $0.54
Lapis Lazuli (Refined): $0.36 -> $2.88

Redstone Ore: $0.54 -> $1.62
Redstone (Refined): $1.08 -> $8.64

Gold Ore: $1.62 -> $4.86
Gold (Refined): $3.24 -> $25.92

Diamond Ore: $4.86 -> $14.58
Diamond (Refined): $9.72 -> $77.76

Emerald Ore: $14.58 -> $43.74
Emerald (Refined): $29.16 -> $233.28

These prices are aimed to better reflect the changes we have recently made in the economy. We will be continuing to monitor how these changes affect the server and will make changes if and when needed.

We understand the severity of the changes we have made recently but we feel they were necessary to lay the groundwork for the upcoming updates we will be making here in the future. We appreciate the feedback you guys have been giving us over the past few days <3