Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

It has been another busy week, but as always that isn’t stopping us from bringing you another midweek update! @melsha has been working nonstop to bring you these updates which you can look forward to after your planet reboots today!

  • Wardens
  • More Cells!
  • Carpenter Rework
  • Notable Bug Patches


Wardens are guards that are extremely dangerous and should never be toyed with. They have been hired to watch over the Coal and Iron mines to protect prisoners from bandits who were causing problems.

More Cells!

That’s right we know you have been begging us to give you more cells now and as you may have noticed over the past few days the tier 5 section of your cells have gained an extension! After the reboot you guys can look forward to the following new cells:​

62 tier 5 cells (Section D)
6 tier 4 cells (3 on the end of section A & C)
2 tier 3 cells (Added on to the end of the current lane)
2 tier 2 cells (Added on to the end of the current lane)​

Carpenter Rework

The Carpenter has decided that he is no longer going to be so picky about what items he sells to you cosmonauts and has decided to bring his friends along Craftsman, Greensman, Mason, Prospector and the Weaver will be coming to /shop and are bringing a whole slew of new goodies for you to decorate your cells with!​

Notable Bug Patches

The issue with guards (Often referred to as the villain bug) has been mitigated.​
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

After our balancing midweek update, we have to let our overworked dev have a bit of a break and give out some minor updates. This weekend is mostly for updates that will make your lives a tiny bit easier, let's get into it, shall we?

Energy Stack Split
Lobbies Added
Cross Planet Messages
Changelog and Bug Fixes

Energy Stack Split
You asked for it and we heard, oh trust me we heard. After seeing planets riot and beg for it, how could we say no?

After this morning's reboots, you will be able to split your energy in half, without a cost! Simply use /extract <Amount> when holding raw energy!

Lobbies Added
To accommodate the increase in player base and the overload of player information on the servers, we have added more lobbies. This will allow more spacing out when planets are full and hopefully, *fingers crossed* take a load off of the planets (no more lag pls).


Although, /staff is one of the most useful commands to staff and players. It just wasn't cutting it. With this update comes the ability to see all online staff from all planets from anywhere.


Another addition I find it hard to live without, you would have seen this on cosmicpvp. Use /find <ign> to search for any player to find out where they are or if they are online. This is an exception for op's (Admin+ or anyone in vanish).


Changelog and Bug fixes
  • Queue used to look like, it will now show the planet name.[​IMG]
  • Packed ice showed twice in the carpenter.
  • Anytime you took durability damage and no fall damage, your armour would breaks (this happened all the time and when...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Boy have we been busy over the past week from the New Enchantment System, Black Scrolls and Dust but that isn’t stopping us from bringing out a mid-week update for you all! @melsha has been working nonstop to get this out to you guys and gals.

Here’s a look at what you can look forward to after your planet reboots today:

  • Enchantment Rework
  • Command Cooldowns
  • PvP Gear Update
  • Enchanter Update
  • Shards loot table update
  • Guards Rework
  • Dust Rework
  • Carpenter Update
  • Gang members and truces

Enchantment Rework
A couple of enchants seem to be a little over zealous so we’ve done some re-balancing to ensure a better PvP and Raid experience for you prisoners!

Lightning was doing too much damage especially to those with higher tier gear.

Scorch was doing too much damage too quickly so the damage has been halved but the duration is now doubled.

Shockwave was doing just a little bit more than intended so has been re-balanced.

Command Cooldowns
We’ve been hearing a lot of conversation on commands that players have access to. So after taking a closer look at things, and recognizing in their current state they aren’t as useful as we intended, the following commands have had their cooldowns adjusted.

Jetpack is a fun command right? Now you can do it every 30 seconds!

The cooldown for /feed was way too long it is now 90s for all ranks that have access to it and the saturation has been increased dependent on your rank.
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

This is just a quick post to let you all know we are looking into a major death issue that has been occurring on all 3 planets.

We will be doing a slight rollback to ensure that all items lost from this bug will not have been lost, the rollback will be at most 20 minutes.

We will keep you updated as we know more.


All planets will be back up momentarily there will be a 2x xp boost for 2 hours from the moment the planets come back up to compensate, thank you for your patience!
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

I can hardly contain my excitement! The time for changes has come. After such a dramatic week, we couldn't leave you guys hanging. Although some find it hard to adapt to new changes, I can assure these changes are the ones you're looking for, available with the early mornings reboots!

Celestial and Sahara 1h 2x XP!
Enchanting System
Black Scrolls
Armour and cells to Their Tier
Change and Bug Fix Log
Irish Day 30% Off!

Celestial and Sahara 1h 2x XP!
Recently the two OG planets have been going through some major turbulance, as if their flight went through a strom cloud. As @melsha cracks down on the lag, I asked that we give poor celestial and sahara an hour worth of double XP. This is the least I could do for the troupers of the planets handling the mass lag for hours.

This will be enabled when all of these updates are live.

Enchanting System
Enchanting items just got a lot more interesting. Although the system will technically be the same, visually, this is a huge upgrade. With the usual throwing a full energy pickaxe into the wormhole, but now when you throw it in and 6 orbs (currently only 3 for pickaxes, 4 for armour) will appear. Each at our usual tiers of simple, uncommon, ect. Under them will display their chance of success and failure.

You will not have the choice at which tier enchantment you'd like to try going for, do you want to risk it with a low chance at success? or do you want to play it simple? You choose.

Depending on the pickaxe, will depend on the % chance of success/fail rate. If it fails you will get the level and no enchantments, if it doesn’t, you get an enchant at the tier you choose and the level up for your pickaxe.

Black Scrolls
Cosmic players will know the name and you will know what these do. Introducing...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

I hope you will all join me in welcoming our newest randy admin @XsSlayeR3. Some of you may know him as the quiet and polite banteam member of CosmicPvp. As we have recently had a growth spurt that I hope never ends, my plate has grown. Ypperin has kindly given Slayer to us as a helping hand and considering his extensive experience in bans and managing communities, I imagine him fitting in well here at prisons.

Make sure you all welcome him the next time you see him and treat him nice, trust me, you don't want to end up on the squishy end of his ban hammer. He is a slayer after all...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

It's been an adventure this weekend and poor Sovereign has gotten the blunt end of the stick. Now that things seem to be fixed and moving forwards Sovereign will have to be rolled back 21 hours (wew for time warps!) however we are going to do our best to try to prevent rolling back mining xp over the last day, as well, I have requested that @melsha implement 2x xp on Sovereign planet for the next 48 hours to help deal with the frustration.

I know that many of you will still be a bit salty, I'd be salty too. It's frustrating when someone undermines your game. That said, the prisoner who assisted in sourcing the dupe has been rewarded with a Contraband Crate (and he's earned it after numerous hours of testing).

As well a shout out to the staff team who have been watching and waiting, helping notify admins and developers when issues arose, and busted their butts to help source the issue!

Thanks again for all the support. You guys are a spectacular community and I know the staff team sure do appreciate it.
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Today's post is just a small update on what's been going on recently and a few bugs have been fixed that I'm sure you'd love to hear about.

Tinkerer duplication & Sovereign Rollback.
Bug Fixes and Change Log.

Tinkerer duplication & Sovereign Rollback.
As most of us know, the tinkerer was released on Saturday morning. All seemed well, it had extensive testing done and worked as we were intending. However, as we know, there's always things that get past us in that process and a duplication was found. This sat out on the server for around 24 hours, giving enough time for the eco to well..break.

This caused us to give sovereign a 24 hour rollback, in which all progress made in that 24 hour block was removed. To compensate we gave out an elite contraband, leg shard and admin item to those who were online after the rollback. The team and I are currently discussing a bit more about the rollback and possibly another compensation, it's not for sure at this point though.

Bug Fixes and Change Log.
  • Mining fatigue will now constantly show to fix some lag issues it was causing.
  • You will now be able to place a generator next to already genned crude ore.
  • Non-ranked players can no longer warp to truces cells.
  • Tinkerer duplication fixed.
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Have we got a treat for you! Thanks to our lovely overload @Woofless for giving out those spoilers and making my life, oh so much easier (hint sarcasm!). You'll soon notice these wonderful additions with this morning's reboots!

Mining Xp Bottle
Bug Fix and Changelog
30% Off Sale!

Trade your junk for goods, with the introduction of the prisons tinkerer! This name should be familiar to all of those cosmicpvp players, inspired by the tinkerer of factions with a prisons twist. You will soon see a tinkerer pop up in the shop, he will trade old goods or scraps (armour, tools, weapons) for raw energy!

Mining Xp Bottle
Highly requested, experience bottles? nah, that's too simple. Getting an extra mining level boost just got a little easier with these babies!


Introducing the mining xp bottles, it's as simple as that. Drink it up and you'll watch as your mining experience levels increase.


Mining XP Bottles can be obtained from Contraband Crates and Shards.

Bug Fix and Changelog
  • Right clicking while mining crude ore will no longer stop you from mining.
  • Rainbow circle around you as you level up your mining. (As seen in gif)
  • Hover over level 10 won't say level 103 anymore.
  • Contraband crates open slower the higher the tier.
  • Tier 3 section any cell past 9 the number would get cut off, this has been fixed.
  • Players could spam adding and removing a players access to their cell, there is now a cooldown.
  • Pickaxes now have enchantments on them from contraband crates.
  • Roaming guard in the nightmare mine won't get stuck in the floor anymore.
  • If you kill someone you should be the only one to pick up the items from that...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Whilst preparing for our weekend update, I made a bit of a mistake with placing the sale on the server store. Thus, allowing ranks to be purchased for free, oh yay! This meaning, us needing to take the servers down early to prepare for the updates and fix the damage that was done.

Those that got themselves a free rank, your rank will be removed on the reboots. To accommodate for my mistake, the sale will be 30% off instead of our usual 20%. My apologies for the inconvenience and the mistake.